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Country Morning


Once again, I found myself mesmerized by some farmer’s fields as I drove by – this time it appears to be hay that’s been cut but not yet baled. I loved the striped patterns throughout the fields and that prompted me to get out with my trusty little camera and explore a little.

While you’re looking at these photos, imagine the warm sun, the smell of the new mown hay, the soft breeze that kept the wildflowers swaying and the twittering of the birds as they flew across the fields – all the simple things that make a country morning so special!

Simple Country Beauty


Maybe it’s just me, but I was struck by how cool these giant hay bales looked scattered throughout this field.

So, after several days of admiring them everytime I drove past on my way to town, today I finally pulled over –

– braved the chigger filled weeds by the side of the road,

and snapped a few pictures. Sometimes it’s just simple things like this that make me happy – and that’s okay!