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Road Trip!


My husband and I took a quick  run down to Texas over the weekend and had a great time (when we weren’t getting lost on the highways in and around Dallas)!

One of our favorite places to go is the Stockyards in Fort Worth. After we enjoyed a steak dinner we strolled around for a while in the cool evening air.

Great painted sign in the Fort Worth Stockyards featuring trick ridin’ cowgirls and long horn cattle.


 But – all too soon the weekend was over and it was time to head home. On our way out of Dallas we stopped at Bally Bead Co. in Rockwall where I spent a couple of heavenly hours shopping at one of my very favorite bead stores. Here’s a picture of just part of my haul – great stuff!


As we made our way back to Missouri we decided to take a more scenic route through part of the Ouachita Mountains in eastern Oklahoma, and we were rewarded with beautiful views and a fabulous sunset..

The sun was setting over the Ouachita Mountains as we were coming home – beautiful!