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My Mother, My Friend


Mom at age 18, while she was dating my dad. They married in 1937 and celebrated their 61st anniversary just before my dad’s death in 1998.

Are you and your mother friends? It’s not always an easy relationship, mothers and daughters – there’s often a complicated chemistry involved.

 I’ve always loved my mother, of course, but we didn’t really become friends until I was an adult with children of my own. You certainly gain a fresh perspective of motherhood once you’re experiencing it yourself!

My mom was not always easy to get along with, and I spent a lot of time walking on eggshells as a child because she had a quick temper, and I realize now, suffered from bouts of depression. In her later years my mother surprised me by revealing some traumatic details about her childhood that gave me some insight and a better understanding of her, and our relationship became closer after that.

I’m grateful that we did have some years of  being  comfortable together before her deteriorating health and age related dementia started the inevitable role reversal of mother and child and I ended up being more like a parent to her in the last few years of her life.

No matter how forgetful she became though, Mom was always proud of her kids and was so excited when I began to sell my jewelry. I made a bracelet like the one pictured here for her birthday the year before she died and she never tired of showing it proudly to everyone she saw. I’m sure the nursing home staff saw it many, many times!

Mom died at age 92 just before Christmas in 2010 and although I think of her every day, I’ve found it difficult to put my feelings for her into words. I hope that she does know how much she was loved and appreciated.                    

 Happy Mothers Day, Mudder – I love you!