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Daddy’s Girl


This photo was taken on Father’s Day in 1961. My dad kept this on his desk for as many years as I can remember, and now it sits on mine. 

I was fortunate that I had such a close relationship with my dad – as a child I was his fishing buddy and nearly constant shadow, and as a teenager he was the one who watched Monty Python with me and was there for me when I needed to talk. After I went to bed at night, he’d often sneak pieces of candy into my purse so I’d find them at school the next day.

By the last decade of his life I was living over 500 miles away, but would still try to get home every few months to visit. The night Dad died my husband and I drove frantically all day in our aging Toyota in order to be there to say goodbye, and I’m so grateful that we got there in time for me to hold his hand as he left this world….

I still miss him every day. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

One day in June


One long ago day in June 1973 I was walking home from a friend’s house and met the boy who lived across the street walking the other way. We’d met before, and had even gone to the same school, but really didn’t know each other. We started talking, and walking, and he kept making me laugh until we had gone several miles without even realizing it. At one point it started to rain, and still we kept going until we got back to his house sometime that evening.


As it turned out, we were together all through high school and married a few months after graduation. Our journey through life together has been full of joy and sorrow, and time has taken a toll on us both. He no longer has his wavy hair, and a  middle aged face looks back at me in the mirror these days- but the young girl who still lives inside me is still crazy about that sweet faced boy and he still makes me laugh every day!