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Hearts in orbit


love life


jewelry 563When I started to make this bracelet, it was with the intention of just making a fun piece to sell for Valentines Day. But as I was deciding how to etch it and what the text would say, instead it became a reminder – to love life – no matter what challenges it holds. My husband and I have experienced some doozies over the past couple of years – illness, the loss of both of our mothers, job loss followed by extended unemployment which in turn has caused financial hardship…all of which equals stress levels that are off the charts! But – love endures – for each other, and for the life we share.
So, instead of a holiday sale piece, I think I’ll keep this one…or at least make another one for me! 🙂

Meet Anna Maria


So excited about my find today at a local antique/flea market – a Santos cage doll. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time but they’re usually more than I can afford – not this girl – she was only $28! It’s not antique, but for that price who cares?

I’ve named her Anna Maria after my great great grandmother. I love her beautiful,serene expression (serenity, what’s that?) and she’s very photogenic too. She’s modeling my micro mosaic heart necklace and one of my grandmother’s lace handkerchiefs.