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  1. Awesome! When you take a look at mine, look for pics of your work on my wall of inspiration! Your creations have and will inspire me!

  2. Great job, Joan! I am so glad you began blogging. It is SO important for online sellers. I am looking forward to working along with you soon on some creative projects as well. Thanks for posting your pix and for being in the Messy Workshop hop!

  3. That watchmaker’s bench is to die for! The fact that it’s part of your families history is icing! Love it… love it all. Be well ~~T

  4. Hi again, I clicked on the very top where it says Mess Workspace and I could see your photos. Your space is very well organized!! You have a lot of beads. WOW!! I like your watchmakers bench. Neat!!

  5. I loved the tour of your work space! Such fun! Sorry you dropped two containers of beads! Ugh, bummer when that happens! I just put one in a togo bag and it wasn’t closed… at least it spilled into the bag! Your work space looks great… love all your personal details!! 🙂 Kris

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