Mannequin Mania


I have a new obsession. It involves taking  paper mache mannequins like this one

jewelry 113

and making them look like these, using a combination of craft paint and metal reactive patina paints.

jewelry 162jewelry 164jewelry 165

jewelry 168jewelry 183

The process is kind of messy, somewhat unpredictable and so much fun! Best of all, the result is that rusty, grungy chippy paint look that I love, and works perfectly with my jewelry style.

jewelry 191jewelry 189

Since it doesn’t look like I’m gonna be able to stop making these (it’s too much fun!) I’ve started offering some for sale. If you’re local, you can see them, and some lilruby jewelry too – at Harrison House Market in Ozark!

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  1. Woweee! Your mannequins are beautiful! A perfect foil for your beautiful boho jewelry pieces. I love your creativity; love your style; and I most particularly admire your photography skills!

  2. These are really great! I love the rust-look you’ve given some of them. How in the world do you get that rusty look? (just wondering. . .I don’t plan on copying your mannequins, no worries)
    Great job!

    • Thanks! I’ve been using a combination of craft paint and metal reactive paints that contain metal particles. When you spritz them with an activating spray the metal reacts to form real rust and verdigris – the fun thing is you can use them to rust just about anything!

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