Look Homeward, Angel


Way back in high school I read “Look Homeward, Angel” by Thomas Wolfe. I don’t remember the specifics of the story ( it was a long time ago!) but I do remember being captivated by it, and I suddenly thought of it again as I fashioned this sweet little angel.

Charlotte angel

The antique doll used here is called a “frozen Charlotte”- these tiny ceramic dolls are dug up by the thousands from the ground by the German factories where they were once made. I was fortunate to receive several of them from my partner in the Bead Soup Blog Party a couple years ago ( thanks Gretchen!). It’s rare to find one that’s completely intact, but I don’t think the imperfections take away from their beauty – the missing arms just give opportunity for wings to sprout, and that’s exactly what happened here!

I used rusty black filigree pieces from B’Sue Boutiques to make these wings, and added some very old lace scraps along with what I believe to be the oldest (and my favorite) button in my collection. A little wire and some tiny rhinestone spacer beads are the finishing touch, and she’s strung on vintage cuckoo clock chain.

jewelry 2569

This little angel doesn’t need to look any further for her home – I’m keeping her with me!

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    • I also heard that there was a Victorian children’s story about why they’re called frozen Charlottes – a girl named Charlotte was going to a ball in the wintertime but refused to wear a coat over her pretty gown and when her carriage arrived at the party she was frozen solid! Thanks for visiting my blog –

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