BSBP8 reveal!


The time has come and it’s reveal day for Bead Soup Blog Party #8! My partner this year is Kim Paige of Red Tree Studio. Kim is a very gifted artist who specializes in metal clay, and *wow* is her work amazing!

Before I show you the fabulous soup she sent and what I did with it, here’s what I sent to her-

Soup #1


This was the first soup I sent to Kim – a handcarved mother of pearl pendant, some large irregularly faceted cut glass beads in the palest shade of pink, three kinds of pewter beads, tiny garnets, a moonstone and sterling clasp and silk ribbon.

And here’s soup #2. While the first one was all soft and pastel, this one was darker and more rustic-

bead soup 004

I sent wood agate and bone beads, metal studded wood cones, vintage white hearts, an oversized toggle,Β  large ceramic focal and a sweet little Czech glass owl. Two soups, two very different looks!


Now for the soup I received from Kim – wow!


Leather cords, bronzite, bone, wood and shell beads, copper beads and chain, a beautiful copper S hook clasp – and Kim’s specialty – exquisite metal clay leaves and branches. The detail is incredible on these! Kim told me that she used blueberry leaves from her backyard for the texture.


….And here’s what I came up with-


First off I paired one of the leaves with pretty copper beads, tiny cobalt blue agates and a bird charm that I painted to match.

bead soup 014

bead soup 008



Next, I used one of the little branches along with some fire agates for a bracelet that reminds me of Springtime in the woods-


bead soup 012

bead soup 033




Then, I used another of the leaves along with Czech glass, a rusty metal flower, sari ribbon, cuckoo clock chain and a vintage skeleton key from my grandmother’s basement for a rustic boho necklace.Β  This will be a favorite that I’ll wear often!

bead soup 056

bead soup 061



Next up, I decided to use the S hook clasp as a bail for an amazing rough cut amethyst from Plum Bazaar, which is the wonderful bead shop in downtown Branson where I started working a couple of months ago – yes, it’s definitely a dream job!

bead soup 028bead soup 041



OK, on to the exquisite curved leaf focal – this was the biggest challenge for me. I tried several different chains, silk ribbons, beads of all colors – but in the end I decided to keep it simple and just let the beauty of the leaf speak for itself. I threaded it with some copper micro ball chain and three strands of tiny jade tubes. Simple and lovely!

bead soup 020

bead soup 034



Another great find from Plum Bazaar led to this bracelet and earrings – these are vintage copper coins from India. I punched holes in them, painted them with cobalt blue Vintaj patina and then sanded them back. The bright copper beads and chain from Kim add just the right accent along with tiny blue agate beads.

bead soup 030

bead soup 071



Finally, I used the same process on a couple of the white bone beads – painted them and wiped it back – for one more pair of earrings. These are strung with some pierced sterling silver beads I’ve had forever. I think they have a nice summer-y look to them!

bead soup 066

So there you have it – 8 pieces for the 8th BSBP! As always, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it, and I so appreciate Lori Anderson’s hard work and dedication for putting it all together each year. Now, go check out all the other bead soupers!

Here’s the link:


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  1. Wow Joan you were super prolific! Absolutely love what you did with everything! It’s so cool to see how you incorporated my pieces into your work, it looks lovely! Thanks so much for the two soups and for showing me news ways to use my pieces πŸ˜€

  2. Wow…I mean, really, WOW! Each and every piece is beautiful, and so very “you”. I am so impressed with your style and creativity, Joan! That rough cut amethyst crystal is To Die For.

  3. You have made wonderful things with your soup. I especially love the necklaces where you used the clasp and the focal. Well, and the earrings and bracelet with the coins….I love them all!

  4. Jaw hits floor – you’re makes are so lush I don’t quite know what to say! You seem to put things together so effortlessly and it all works perfectly. I love how the little hand painted bird charm sits so beautifully on top of the leaf and the bright hues of the fire agates make the other components sing in the bracelet and … I could just ho on and on but I am drooling too much πŸ™‚

  5. You REALLY rocked this! (First, I want to say, I LOVE the silver beads you sent… I have one style of the cylinders but not the others or the big ones and I am soooooo grooving on them!)

    I LOVE how you painted the bird — excellent choice. The textures and layers are great. And I am glad you let the pendant speak, but you know, your choice of multiple strands really let it shine. I don’t think some people realize how difficult it is to pick just the right beads for a “simple” chain, you know?

    Thank you for your enthusiastic and lovely pieces!

  6. I love all your pieces! They are AWESOME! I especially LOVE the copper leaf necklace….would you be willing to sell it? I need to know the size. Please contact me if so twofrogs84 at yahoo dot com. THANKS!

  7. The key and the ribbons. Wow. And the bluebird in the circle on the leaf. And…and…and…you are SO good at this.

  8. I love that you not only used the beads & components sent to you so wonderfully but that you altered some to fit your designs. Each piece is gorgeous, unique and seems to tell a story. I love that you used and old key from your grandmother too. Art in any form can be so meaningful with little pieces that have some history added in. The bracelet with the branch connector captures the colors of a field of wildflowers – stunning!

  9. Beautiful soup and beautiful pieces!! Love the first necklace and the bracelet and everything else!!! It’s difficult to chose, but the first necklace should be my favorite!

  10. Wonderful designs from a fantastic soup. I had a hard time choosing a fav. I think the piece with the curved leaf focal is the one I like best. I may change my mind back to the one with all the spring green beads.

  11. OMG and WOW! They are all so creative, so unique and absolutely gorgeous. Love the painted blue bird, but love the key and the sar silk necklace more. And the Indian coin bracelet, got me drooling…. great work!

  12. Each and every one of your pieces is stunning. I’m especially smitten with the key necklace. So many interesting elements in that one. Oh, and you did a wonderful job of keeping your design for that leaf simple and beautiful. Excellent work.

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  14. Love your amazing creations, Joan! That first lovely necklace is hands down my favourite; that birdie is so sweet πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Joan,I like the copper and blue together in your first necklace. Necklace #2 is very creative an d unique with the clock key used as a bail. You are right that carved leaf focal is exquisite and you showcased it perfectly. Your blue bracelet and earrings are pretty. The last pair of earrings is lovely. The paint and wipe method worked great to show the detail in these. You did a wonderful job with your soup.

  16. Beautiful designs! They are all ones that I would wear and often. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the first necklace. Oh and the blue bracelet. See what I mean. I can’t pick just one.

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  18. What a stunning collection! Each and every piece is beautiful and shows massive creativity and imagination – the painted pieces, patina and the clever way to attach the key – I like them all!

  19. The beads u sent each other are super cool! And i really like what u made! πŸ™‚ I’m actually organising a mass bead soup where all the crafters get the same set of beads πŸ™‚ i think it ll be really cool too see what 10s or even 100s of people make with the same beads! planning to send out the beads 2 aug with designs revealed end aug. Would be cool if u d like to take part (details on πŸ™‚

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